Yikes, Skypes, Beechnut Gum!

Ok, you’ll have to be old to remember that headline…… anyone care to admit?

I think Skying in the classroom is a natural extension of our current technology uses.

I have made two outreaches for Skype visits; one with a friend on the west coast who is an illustrator; and one with an author who lives in New England.

My biggest challenge is getting all the details together to actually get the project done. In the middle of plans for teaching all subjects, the extra things sometimes slip away, and the time is lost.

I really do need time for being mom, too. And a little bit of sleep now and then.

BUT, we are approaching our New England section of Social Studies, and it would be a great time to introduce our books by the author from Maine. I think I need to “make a plan.”

On another note, similar to Skyping, our class has watched many live feeds in our science units. Not long ago we logged on to a site which featured a research submarine and remote diving unit that was doing experiments at the bottom of the ocean. The crew invited watchers to send questions.

One of my fifth grade boys sent a question to them, and about five minutes later, the person at the microphone said “Ryan, from Nebraska, wants to know………” Wow! Our whole room just lit up with excitement!

If you are building readers, scientists, artists, whatever your students may become, using technology to bring other worlds to the classroom is essential to their being excited about learning.


5 thoughts on “Yikes, Skypes, Beechnut Gum!

  1. I agree with you about the time, after I read four hours for this class, log them into Goodreads and comment on them there, than work my way to feedly and comment on 10 blogs and our posts there and then post the books I have read on WordPress and blog about them there I am done for the week.


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