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One of the first things I was told at my new teaching job, was that my students really enjoyed reading, and that having a story read to them was still a part of their routine. We just finished our first read aloud book, which was a sizable chapter book, Horses of the Dawn. I chose it because it was about horses, and I knew that all my students would enjoy it.

My next read aloud book has yet to be chosen. I would like to take time to find something worthwhile, with more purpose. I am considering The One and Only Ivan, since I have it as a downloaded book. The text could easily be shared on the smart board.

My biggest challenge is my range of students. I have everything from fourth grade boys to seventh grade girls. The interest level is quite different, although our first book was enjoyed by all. I agree with the second author’s remark about reading a shorter book. We tended to grab a few minutes here and there to keep up with our book. A shorter book would be easier to comprehend and finish.

As I write this assignment, I’m finding that my first instinct is to lead my top ten list with The One and Only Ivan. I’m going to follow that with Once Upon an Alphabet, even though my students are older. I am still finding new comedy in the writing style.

Third on my list will be Taking Flight, by Michaela DePrince; 4, The King’s Chessboard, by David Birch; 5, The Book with No Pictures, by B.J. Novak; 6, Martha Had a Little Llama, by Angela Dominguez; 7, Nora’s Ark, by Natalie Kinsey- Warnock; 8, When Marian Sang, by Pam Munoz Ryan; 9, The Girl Who Loved Horses, by Paul Goble; and 10, Rapunzel, by Paul O. Zelinsky.


On a side note, I did a quick scan this weekend of some of our new books at school. We did have diversity in the cover photos. The majority are white subjects, with a some being a variety of races, and others being depicted with animals.


6 thoughts on “Read Aloud

  1. Wow, that is quite a range of students to try and find one book that will interest them all. I think that “The One and Only Ivan” would be a great second book. Do you do discussions about the book as you read them?


  2. I have found that kids of all ages just like being read to they do not care so much about the book as the time the person is spending with them. I read books of all ages to everyone and they all sit and listen just because I am taking the time with them. I do discuss and ask question and answer questions as needed.


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