Reading Goals Revisited

My goal for the remainder of the semester was to keep up with the books that my students assign me.

It continues to be a good goal, however, I have had to request that my students please keep the science-fiction type books to a minimum. The conversations about what type of books we each enjoy was very rewarding. Even those who don’t like reading as much as the others put their two cents in!

I have read a wide variety of chapter books, and have found myself staying up way too late trying to finish a book.

I plan to continue with my original goal. I’m adding in a few more picture books, just to add some variety.

One of the biggest logistical challenges is locating a particular book that I would like to read. Our little school library really does have a great selection, but when I have a particular title, I don’t always find it. I don’t get home early enough to go to our local library, and the bookmobile makes it rounds every two weeks.

With that being said, I could work my way through the pages in our school library and probably not finish in my lifetime. Now THAT would be a goal!


5 thoughts on “Reading Goals Revisited

  1. The books that the students are giving you, are they ones that they’ve read or have they just heard about them? It would be interesting to read one and then hear the student’s opinions about them


  2. You’re sending such a strong message to your students about how important their reading lives are when you take their suggestions. I just love that! I know what you mean about the limitations of a library. Since I am often reading about brand new books online, those are the books I’m most eager to read, and usually my library hasn’t purchased them yet (if they’re going to purchase them at all). So I get impatient and end up spending way too much money on books! At the same time, you make a great point about how if we actually read every book in our libraries, we’d be reading forever!


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