It’s Monday, What are You Reading?


I was reminded of this book recently by another “blogger.” Sarah, Plain and Tall, by Patricia MacLachlan.

My first reaction was remembering that my mother had recommended the book many, many years ago. I never took time to pursue reading it….. until…. I learned what the story was about.

In the early homesteading days, Jacob and his daughter, Anna, and his son, Caleb, are living on the plains. We learn in the first chapter that Jacob’s wife died after giving birth to Jacob.

In the early chapters Sarah comes into their lives, but will she stay?

Oh my. Now I know why my mother recommended this story. She lived this story, since the moment of her birth.

Just north of Henry, Nebraska, a Danish homesteader and his wife were expecting a child. Two days after the birth of my mother, her own mother died of childbirth complications. The strong, hard-working farmer now faced the challenge of raising an infant daughter alone.

The neighbor family helped care for the baby, with my granddad spending every evening at their home, until it was time to return to his work. Long hours of work left no time for socializing. Communication and travel were vastly different from today.

However, just down the road, stood a rural schoolhouse. The teacher at that school was a kind, single, strong woman named Mary. Soon, Chris and Mary were married, and Vanessa again had a mother, who loved her as her own. John and Margaret were born soon after, and my family roots were planted.

And so, as I read Sarah, Plain and Tall, I cried with every page. I absolutely loved it.

More to be added to this post after the rest of the week’s reading! PS, my copy of the new alphabet book is on its way!

Our classroom book, Chair Horses of the Dawn, by Kathryn Lasky, is coming to a close. The kids are picking up on events that are foreshadowed, which makes it very exciting to read.

I’m beginning the series The Boys War, after seeing it in another post. We have the books in our school library, so I’m just getting started on them. I love this type of reading. I know I will enjoy this series. My family has letters from our ancestors that were written during the Civil War. They were from a father and son who were in the war together, writing home to the wife (and mother.) In the letters we learned that the son was killed. I know this series will become a favorite.



9 thoughts on “It’s Monday, What are You Reading?

  1. I do love Sarah Plain and Tall–it’s one I’ve reread many times. There are also several sequels and companion books, but I haven’t enjoyed those as much. How neat that your mother’s story connects with this book!


  2. I have never read Sarah Plain and Tall, but from your post it sounds like I should! I like books that have this kind of story! It is so neat that it kind of parallels your mothers life! That had to have made it a better read!


  3. I think that it is so great that you related to the book the way you did! I think that when we relate to what we read we want to keep reading. I also think that this also applies to things such as movies or music. You did a great job describing the book and I am definitely planning on checking it out.


  4. I remember reading this book a few weeks ago and I as well loved this book. I remember you saying that this book reminded you of your mother’s story, I’m glad you were able to find the book and enjoyed it!


  5. When I was in 4th grade I believe I had a classmate who would always read Sarah, Plain and Tall. It was her favorite book and she could read it over and over again. She would always tell us about it each time after she read it too!


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