It’s Monday, what are you reading?

My taste in reading is screaming at me to choose my own books. How many science fiction fantasy books can a grown person read? In my case…. two. I have to start screening my students’ selections for me.

The main choice this week has been Cinder, by Marissa Meyer.


As written, it is a very interesting book for those who enjoy this type of reading. The main character is a young female robot-type being, who of course, is destined to save the world, even though she has many obstacles to overcome. And of course, she meets a handsome prince. Think futuristic Cinderella… I have to admit that I am forcing myself to get through this selection. I’ve gone so far as to read a sixth grade math textbook as a distraction…. But today, I finished. I think the writing style of conversation-based text is what grinds my gears. Get it?

I am discovering that my brain is screaming for reality. I honestly prefer non-fiction or historically based informative reading. Following this book, I am going to be choosing a book that I read many, many years ago, when I was in high school. I’ll keep you in suspense, but I have always wanted to re-read this historic classic. More about that next week!


For our elementary read-along this week, I read one of my favorite read aloud books, “Stand Back,” said the Elephant, “I’m going to sneeze!” by Patricia Thomas.

I took pictures of the illustrations and showed them on the smart board while reading this fun, fun book. My copy is well-worn, as it has been a favorite for many years at our house.

I think my older students were surprised at all the voices I had for the animal characters. What a fun book. It is a highly recommended account of all the trouble which the elephant causes when he needs to sneeze.


Another fun selection this week for lower elementary has been Moove Over! by Karen Beil. It is a silly book which teaches counting by twos, with the exception of one “Bossy Cow.” It’s a winner. One of my older students read it to her younger brother. It was fun to hear them giggling.

Another selection which involved math is the book The King’s Chessboard, by David Birch. It incorporates math, and the trouble a king gets himself into since he does not understand the power of doubling in multiplication. We will be doing a math lesson with many props to go along with this project.




One thought on “It’s Monday, what are you reading?

  1. I applaud your commitment to reading books recommended by your students. I know exactly what you mean about getting burned out with sci-fi/fantasy after just a couple of books. Not my cup of tea either. I try to read enough so that I can recommend books to students who love that kind of reading, and I also follow a couple of blogs written by teachers or librarians who LOVE sci-fi/fantasy and review a lot of it. That way, I know what to buy. I figure they read so I don’t have to! LOL. My husband is reading Cinder right now and liking it so far, but then he enjoys that genre too!


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