More than just reading.

I’m finally getting more organized in my literature classes for my students. The challenge came in having four grades at the same time, and finding individual time for actually TEACHING. I finally split our art and language times between older and younger classes, so I can work individually with the older and younger classes.

This week our younger classes traveled across time with Paul Bunyan, and finished with Johnny Appleseed. It gave us a good workout with grammar worksheets, and at the end of the week, we had time for taking turns reading out loud. This is a skill that I can see we need to increase for a few students.

I have a very patient nature for those who are making an effort, so I try to be a gentle guide to those who have a hard time reading fluently out loud.

We continued our partner reading with the lower elementary, with the twist of the younger kids first reading to the older students. This is a GREAT partnership!

My oldest students ended the week with a short story introducing informational reading. The story led us to ancient Constantinople, and we found a really good video to go along with the story. It expanded the reading to include geography, history, and art, and led to many lively conversations. I learned more than the students did this week.

My goal is to use our literature books to take us on further adventures than just the pages of our textbooks.


6 thoughts on “More than just reading.

  1. We often talk about partner reading in a variety of classes and how that is so beneficial. Many students are intimidated by reading aloud in front of everyone, so reading for one specific person is a little less frightening. Also, great use of incorporating a variety of subjects into your content when reading the story about Constantinople!


  2. I can remember reading aloud as a kid and hating it. It seemed like all eyes were on me and if I made a mistake it would be the end of the world. I also could never pay attention to what I was reading because I was so worried about reading the words right. I think that partner reading kind of takes the stress off of that.


    • I agree. When a student struggles with a word, I quite often don’t interrupt to explain until later. They are trying their hardest, and don’t need more stress. We do most of our reading aloud in very small groups of two or three.


  3. I always loved reading aloud as a kid but I never liked it when other people did. I either had to read to myself or read out loud. I think that I couldn’t obtain as much information when I had someone us reading straight from a book to me


  4. Reading out loud is something we have to do. It gets students to practice reading and it helps them to read in front of people. We have to be smart though of what text we want certain to read. We don’t want a low level reader to read a high level text in front of a class because it will crush their confidence.


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