It’s Monday. What are you reading?

I knew that someday I would be assigned a Goosebumps book by my younger students.

Today was the day. The Cuckoo Clock of Doom was placed in my hands.


We had an exciting day of dissecting frogs at school, so reading time was more quiet than usual.

I had a chance to pick up the book, and was far enough in to know that I would enjoy it while the boys witnessed my reading.

In an unusually quiet night at home I read while eating supper and couldn’t put it down.

I didn’t even peek at the end. I didn’t want to spoil it.

It was SO FUN to read it! With all the Goosebumps in my house from my older son, I never actually read one.

I can’t wait to tell them tomorrow that I finished, and I’m ready for another.

They DO have a long list for me! We’ll see what’s next!


13 thoughts on “It’s Monday. What are you reading?

  1. I remember reading a couple of Goosebumps books when I was in elementary school! It is fun that they are still so popular. Some books, like Little House books, you expect to be popular for many generations, but I didn’t expect Goosebumps to have such a big run! I wonder what makes a book popular to read among many generations? I also used to read Sweet Valley books, and Boxcar Children books around the same time Goosebumps was popular. I’d have to reread these books to try and figure out why one series stayed popular while others did not.


  2. I can definitely see why this style is appealing to boys. The main character’s little sister is a brat, and he ends up causing her not to be born, due to a twist in time!


  3. Oh my goodness I completely forgot about the Goosebumps series! I remember these books being very popular when I was in elementary school, although I never picked one up. Maybe I will have to check one of these books out!


  4. Nice job on this weeks post. I used to love to read some of the Goosebumps books when I was younger. I do not remember this one but it sounds good. I will have to put this one down on my list of books to read.


  5. I used to read the Goosebumps books all the time in middle school. I think I might read one of these books too since it’s almost Halloween I feel like it is very appropriate time to read these books.


    • That gives me some good ideas for our Halloween party! I did a quick check and found a short Goosebumps movie, but it was pretty graphic. I think we’ll just turn out the lights and read a little bit!


  6. I hate horror movies and so I have never really tried to read a book like that. I think that many elementary children love these books so I might have to try one out one of these weeks. Hopefully I enjoy it just as much as you did.


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