It’s Friday, what did I read on Monday???

My reading challenges this week have come from my students. Their first assignment was “Walk Two Moons.”


I found it to be a little bit too “rambly” for my taste in reading. As a young reader, I can see where the style would be fun to read. It is written in the voice of a pre-teen girl, and the language fits that age group perfectly.

I’ll have to admit, I did cry at the end, of course. One student in particular was highly motivated for me to read this. It was a great idea to have them give me the assignment.

Now, for the rest of this week, I’ve been working on their next selection, “Savvy, by Ingrid Law.”



This was an accidental assignment. One of my students asked if they could assign me another book. “Sure!” And this was it. I’m actually enjoying this one quite a bit. It has a good balance of interesting characters and just enough fantasy to make it interesting. It is also set in Nebraska, which is one more plus.


4 thoughts on “It’s Friday, what did I read on Monday???

  1. This is so brilliant–asking your students to assign books to you! How did you come up with this idea? I’m guessing the students REALLY like it! There is a sequel to Savvy as well–called Scumble. I’m guessing any student who liked Savvy would want to read it.


  2. Oh, I’m just naturally brilliant, I guess. HA! Actually, as I started looking for a book in our little library, I realized that my older students know the books available, and the idea sprang from that thought. I will see if Shawna has read the next book yet. Thank you!


  3. Savvy sounds like a very interesting book. A book being set in Nebraska probably has to be a good book. The idea of having your students assign the book to you sounds like a great idea. I bet some of the books you may end up getting could be very interesting!


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