Goals as a Reader, and Teacher

My main goal for the remainder of this class is to discover what books are interesting to my students’ age range. I have fourth through seventh grades, and a wide variety of taste in literature.

My focus will be on having them continue to assign me books to read, and to challenge myself to see how quickly I can read them. They do pay attention, and continually ask how far I have read and if I like the book.

Even if it isn’t my favorite, I always find something positive for them.

Another goal is to pass down and support my students’ love of teaching. This week we did a “Buddy Read” with the lower grade students. It was so good to see how thoughtful my students were with their younger sidekicks.

This will be a weekly event on Wednesdays. It is especially beneficial for those who struggle with reading out loud.


IMG_1383    IMG_1367


3 thoughts on “Goals as a Reader, and Teacher

  1. Thank you for the link! We are using Google Classroom, where I post interesting sites for my kids. I will lead my seventh grade girls to this site. And YES, a VERY big variety! I’m waiting for the day I am assigned a Goosebumps book!


  2. Finding something positive from each book is smart because every book has something we can take from them. We have to look hard sometimes but for the most part books come with great lessons or messages.


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