It’s Monday, September 8, What Are You Reading?

An exciting development occurred in our classroom this week. With no prompting from adults whatsoever, one of my seventh grade students started a book club. She was soon joined by everyone in the upper elementary classes, including myself and our para. The girls took charge and led themselves to the book of their choice, and established the guidelines of the group. It was soon discovered that the boys and the girls had different goals, so now we have two book clubs. 

The girls are voting for the book of their choice for their book club.

  The girls are voting for the book of their choice for their book club.

They boys have created a Book Fort in our library.

The boys have created a Book Fort in our library.


The girls have created a nest in one end of our small library, and the boys have created a Reading Fort on the opposite end. It is fun to see the creativity and cooperation.

We are continuing our class book, Horses of the Dawn. It is amazing how such an energetic bunch can be so quiet.

For my own reading, I am discovering other interesting books in both the upper and lower elementary libraries. This week I read  Tops and Bottoms, by Janet Stevens. One of my favorite parts of this book was the illustrations, which ran the opposite direction of most books. It made room for some exceptional artwork. 

A clever rabbit family stumps a lazy bear!

A clever rabbit family stumps a lazy bear!

My upper elementary kids are also going to start reading to the lower elementary students. They were arguing over who would get to go first, so we settled in on a buddy system, so that everyone can go. I’m discovering many other ways that this will be beneficial for both groups. 

While browsing for books in our library, the girls asked me what I was looking for, and it gave me a good opportunity to share my reading assignments and my taste in books. It is amazing what they actually pay attention to.

Also on my list this week has been “The Black Pearl.” I remember reading it in school, but I’m finding that it doesn’t seem to be nearly as interesting now as it was then. I’m surprised it isn’t about a horse. It seems that most of my books were about horses.

A quiet Saturday afternoon. Time to finish up my reading. See you next Monday!


7 thoughts on “It’s Monday, September 8, What Are You Reading?

  1. No wonder “The Black Pearl” isn’t seeming to be interesting. It wasn’t leading where I remembered, so I skimmed to the back. Then I remembered…. “The Pearl.” Wrong book. Oh well, it seems to be an adventure anyway.


  2. Sounds like your students are taking a great interest in reading, how great! Hopefully they will continue with that interest once they get older. Janet Stevens always seems to have such great illustrations, one of the best things about her books. I think that it is great that your older kids are going to start reading to the younger ones. You must be so proud of your students and their reading after this past week! How great that the boys were even interested.


  3. My son told me yesterday, “Your kids are going to take over the world.” What an honorable statement. Our reading time today was so nice. Everybody got to their spot quickly, and the time flew by. They are proud of how far they read together, and the ones who want to read alone just find a quiet corner.


  4. I enjoyed your post especially the fact that your book club members were able to pull together reading nooks right in school. If I were in your class I would be tickled pink about that. I believe some of my most intimate moments with my books were when I could find a hiding spot away from everyone and enter the world of the Happy Hollister’s one of my favorite book series. This was about of large family of sleuths who found a mystery to solve, involving adventure and clues, and mysterious surroundings. Great Reading!


  5. I love this post! Wow! Do you read Katherine Sokolowski’s blog (Read Write Reflect)? She’s a 5th-grade teacher who does a lot of cool things with reading–you might find her work inspiring. What books did your students choose??


  6. The girls chose Will Work for Prom Dress. They are taking turns reading out loud to each other. The boys decided to create a Goosebumps Club. I’ve lost track of how many they have read!


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