Finding Time to Read

My time must be used wisely. My first priority is my job as mom. Next is school, as a teacher. This actually takes up a majority of my time, but is getting more organized each week. 

Taking two online classes is a challenge, but I’m finding ways to make it enjoyable. The reading assignments are a pleasure. I have always enjoyed reading. Math is another story. I find that I tend to spend time in every category except math.

Being stuck inside studying while the sun is shining is also a big distraction. Today I found a solution.

I can sit in the back seat of my van. Nobody can see me. I can enjoy the great outdoors and still be online. No bugs, no glare, no sunscreen. No calculator…. I’ll be right back… I have to take a math quiz.


9 thoughts on “Finding Time to Read

  1. How to be creative and think outside the box? I love that you found a way to enjoy the outside and still be able to focus on homework. I love being outside so with this time of year I also have issues with staying focused as well! How many children do you have? What class do you teach?


  2. I have two sons. One is grown and one will soon be 15. I teach fourth through seventh grades in a small school. All subjects! Math, Music, Band, Literature, Art, Technology, Science, Reading, Social Studies, and whatever else comes our way!


  3. I think that taking math online would be really difficult. I can barley learn math if I am sitting in the classroom watching my teacher do it in front of me. I like doing my work outside too! It is super relaxing being out in the fresh air and makes doing assignments easier. Once winter comes doing homework outside is going to be in the past. 😦


  4. Seems like you have your hands full with being a mom and a teacher and a student. I would have never thought to just sit in your car to do homework but if it is comfortable for you that is great that you found a place that you can fit is all in.


  5. Its great that you found a good way that helps you get your stuff done while at the same time enjoying life. I saw a girl doing homework outside earlier today and I think I might give it a try just to sit out in the fresh air, hopefully its not too distracting though!


  6. I applaud you for taking math online. I don’t think I could do it, I am having trouble with it and I am able to do it in class. I like that you are able to still enjoy reading and still get all of your other stuff done, also something to be proud of. I am still having trouble balancing my schedule, but I’m sure mine is not as busy as yours.


  7. I cannot imagine already being out in the field and returning to school. I definitely give you credit for that! It is often hard to know that you are stuck inside on a nice day, so what a way to compromise!


  8. You never know where your life will lead you. Mine has come full circle, and I’m teaching in my hometown. I have a K-12 degree in art education and K-12 degree in music education. In order to take this job, I am now getting my elementary endorsement. I wouldn’t do it for any other school, but I love this little place. Every day is a joy.


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