It’s Monday! What are You Reading?

Since it’s Labor Day we are all on vacation, right! HA!

Since we have an extra day some of us are cramming all the homework we can into an extra day.

I’ve been reading the Teacher’s Editions of many of my classroom books. Since this year is a new teaching experience for me, I’m learning one step ahead of the students!


Along with being a teacher, I’m also being a student. The online Math Course is quite a reading challenge. Reading and Comprehending are definitely two different things.

I have taken some time to pull a few small books from our library for future use in the classroom. I’ve had time to get to know my students’ interests, and a few upcoming events. These books will be a good way to complement our other studies.



The story of Alice Greenough, a rodeo cowgirl in the early West, was of special importance. A dear friend passed away this weekend. He was 91 years old, and still a prolific writer for our local newspapers. He wrote a book each year which combined his columns, and it was my privilege to help him put it all together for printing.


The book pictured is another book, but is a very nice photo of him. He was a true Sandhills Rancher for all of his life.

In his last book, he included many old photos which were a collection of a family friend from the early west. Several were of Alice Greenough, along with many other cowgirls, cowboys and Native Americans of long ago. I took time to research many of the cowgirls in the photos. Very interesting.

Sometimes it isn’t the famous authors who make a big difference in our lives. Sometimes it’s the neighbor just down the road.





5 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are You Reading?

  1. I have so much respect for all the teachers out there. So many people don’t realize that evenings and days off are filled with grading, working on lessons and so many other things. I know even during the summer my sister still is fine tuning her lessons or changing things around so her class functions better. So sorry for your loss! Are his books just published locally or can anyone buy them? You are right sometimes it is the small author from down the road or takes time to teach a class in a grade school that influence a person the most


  2. I loved your post. I think that local history is so important. Knowing local history always makes me feel more connected to a place. It is really special that you had the chance to know and work with this author as well. I have never heard of Alice Greenough, but she sounds so interesting. Every town, even the smallest ones, have great stories and important historical figures!


  3. After growing up on a ranch I have always been interested in western books such as the ones you mentioned. How wonderful it is to have somebody you are close to writing history themselves. My Aunt Dixie has written a few books, or more so collected her poems into books. One book is a complete collection of poems dedicated to my family and our ranch. It is so fun reading items such as these because you can really relate to them. I’m guessing since you helped him put the books together you have copies of them? What great keep sakes for life!


  4. I applaud you for doing classes along with teaching I am sure it is not easy. I agree with you when you say that reading a college text and comprehending it are totally opposite things. I think it is awesome that you were able to help your friend put together his publications, and I am sorry for your loss.


  5. I remember my first year teaching high school, I came straight home from work and collapsed in exhaustion! I’d nap for an hour or two and then try to cram some grading and lesson planning in. Seemed like the work was never done and I never got enough sleep. Can’t imagine trying to do that and go to school too. Wow!


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